Ulvakvarn (the Ulva Mill)

The Ulva Mill

S.Pathkiller 2009, The Ulva Mill, not far from Uppsala, CC.

The Ulva mill is located about seven kilometers north of Uppsala on the Fyris River and is open year round. The word “ulva” means wolf as this was a popular place for the animals to cross the stream. From the 14 century a water mill owned by the church operated here until the middle of the 17th century when it was taken over by Uppsala University. The mill continued to run until 1962 when it was sold to the municipality of Uppsala.

Waterfall at Ulva Kvarn.

S.Pathkiller 2009, The waterfall at Ulva Mill, CC.

Today there are a number of buildings on the site where you can see and purchase handcrafted items such as furniture, or hand-blown glass. You can also have coffee or a snack in the café or swim and picnic by a flowing waterfall. Each year, on the first weekend of September there is a large crafts market held at Ulva mill.