More places to visit

For shopping, playing or enjoying a Swedish Fika, there are a few places that are unique to Uppsala and well worth a visit.


If you come to Uppsala with children, an ideal place to visit would be Fyrishov, the indoor recreation and swimming center. The swimming pools are located both inside and out with hot tubs, saunas, Olympic-size diving boards and waterslides.


S.Pathkiller 2009, The entrance to swimming and sports complex, Fyrishov, CC


S.Pathkiller 2009, The outside pools at Fyrishov, CC

In the large sports complex you might catch a basketball game, fencing or some other event. There is also a bowling alley and campground. Fyrishov is open year round and located near the city, about a 20-minute walk from the town center.

Fika at Ofvandahl’s


S.Pathkiller 2009, Inside the historic pastry shop, Ofvandahls, CC

Swedish term “fika” means to take a break, drink some coffee or tea and maybe have a snack, such as a sandwich or cake. There are definitely many places where one might fika in Uppsala. One of the most popular is the historic pastry shop, Ofvandahls, opened since the 1800s.

Stadsparken (The city park)

Although there are smaller parks sprinkled throughout the city, Uppsala’s city park is the largest, with a play area for children and plenty of room for a picnic or stroll along the river. From the city park, one might visit the old pump house which once supplied Uppsala’s drinking water, play miniature golf or watch the swans in the nearby pond. Concerts are held in the city park during in summertime and fine dining is available in Flustret, a restaurant located at the park.


S.Pathkiller 2003, The miniature golf course near the City Park, CC

Stora torget (Town Square)

Town square

S.Pathkiller 2009, The town square in Uppsala, CC

If you want to shop, eat, or just sit back with a cup of coffee and watch the people passing by, the city center is the place to be. There is an international atmosphere in downtown Uppsala. Almost every weekend there is something going on, from sidewalk musicians to dance groups performing for your entertainment. There are stores galore, with plenty of places to shop whether it be in one of the numerous clothing boutiques or styling salons, or visit a gift shop to find just the right souvenir. After the shops close for the evening, several pubs and bars open their doors, enabling you to meet the locals and dance the night away.