The climate

Fryis river

S.Pathkiller 2005, A wintry day along the Fyris River, CC.

Obviously, the ideal time to visit Uppsala will depend on what you like to do. The weather during the winter is cold, yet temperate due to its proximity to the coast. In January the average temperature is 0°C (32°F), not often falling below -10°C (14°F). Near the time of the winter solstice, the sun rises late and sets early in the day, leaving many hours of darkness. It is during this time that snowfall brings welcome brightness.


S.Pathkiller 2005, Celebrating Midsummer at Disagården, CC.

Nevertheless, the summer months are most inviting with extremely long days in this season. During June and July the sun sets late at night and can rise at 3:30 AM, so that it never becomes truly dark outdoors. The warm weather is welcome after such long winters and people gather in the city to celebrate, basking in the rays of the sun. The average temperature in July is 18°C (64°F).