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Skokloster Castle

Even if you do not wish take a ride on any boats, Skokloster Castle (seen in the distance) is worth a visit. It is located on Enköping Road (E18) between Stockholm and Uppsala. As the name refers to, the property was once a monastery, founded in the 13th century by Cistercians, and later became a girls’ school. The original building was demolished in 1574, while the church was left standing, adjacent to the castle. The estate came under the ownership of Field Marshal Herman Wrangel, whose son was born in Skokloster 1613. It was this son, Carl Gustav Wrangel, who built the present castle in 1654 in the Baroque style.

Photo: Skokloster castle in the distance.

The castle serves as a standing monument to Sweden’s time as a great power in the world. Some rooms in the castle have been left exactly as they were in the 17th century including furnished chambers, an armoury and an unfinished banquet hall, which was left incomplete when Wrangel died. After Wrangel’s death, the property was owned by two other families until the castle and its contents were purchased by the Swedish government in 1967 who did extensive renovations.


Photo: A medieval-style wedding procession, held at Skokloster.