Fyrisån (the Fyris River) - More about Fyris.

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Fyrisån (the Fyris River)
More about Fyris.
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In the mid 18th century Carl Linnaeus experimented successfully with the production of artificial pearls using fresh-water mussels in the Fyris River. The patent for his pearl-cultivating method was then sold to a man from Gothenburg, but never used.

fish ladder


In addition to mussels, the Fyris River is home to other native Swedish wildlife, such as a protected species of eel, otters and the Asp fish. In 2007 a special fish ladder was constructed in the city so that the migrating Asp could bypass two weirs (man-made falls), and more easily reach their spawning waters. It is the weirs which keep larger boats from venturing up the river, and makes for an entertaining spectacle each year when students attempt to navigate those falls in their home-made rafts.



Photo: The recently built fish ladder to aid Asp fish on their journey downstream.

raft race
Photo: Students brave the falls in the annual raft race, held every April.