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Akademiska sjukhuset (Uppsala University Hospital)


Photo: Flags outside the University hospital.

Akademiska sjukhuset (the University Hospital) has a number of buildings located on the hill just southeast of the castle. These belong to the teaching hospital operated by the county council of Uppsala in cooperation with Uppsala University. The hospital offers a full complement of services from psychiatry and emergency to neurology and surgery and patients are referred there from all over the country. In addition, it provides medical training with a faculty of medicine and a nursing school. It is one of the largest employers in Uppsala with over 7,500 employees.

The first hospital in Uppsala was opened in 1302 and was used until destroyed by fire in 1792. The hospital subsequently built to replace it was called the Uppsala County Hospital, which eventually moved out of town. The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1708, the part of the university dedicated to medical training. Uppsala University Hospital is the result of both hospitals being merged at the end of the 19th century when its present location was established.