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Carolina Rediviva (University Library)



Carolina Rediviva, a name which means “Carolina Revived” in honor of a former library building, is perched on the top of the ridge at the end of Drottninggaten in Uppsala. It was inaugurated in 1834, and while it is the primary library building for the University, other, smaller libraries can be found in other departments.



Photo: Carolina Rediviva or the main University Library





The most important artifact on display in Carolina Rediviva is the Codex Argenteus, also know as the “Silver Bible”.  The Codex Argenteus is what remains of a manuscript from about 360 AD by the Bishop Ulphilas, who translated the bible into the Gothic language. Four of the gospels are preserved, written in silver and gold letters upon purple-colored parchment.


Photo: First page of the Codex Argenteus “The Silver Bible”. Public domain.