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Trails around Uppsala
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The forests around Uppsala are absolutely ideal for hiking, cross-country skiing, or even mountain biking and there are many trails to choose from. Fortunately for those who wish to participate in those activities, it is quite easy for two reasons. Firstly, Sweden has a law called “Allemansrätten” (The right of public access) and secondly, there are organizations that maintain the trails making them easier to navigate.

The right of public access means that anyone and everyone may visit a place in nature, even if it is on somebody else’s property. People have the right to cross someone’s property, swim, travel by boat, have a picnic or camp overnight, and may pick wildflowers, berries or mushrooms. Of course this right also comes with responsibilities, for example, not to invade somebody’s yard or home or cause damage to the property. There are also regulations regarding such things as picking protected flowers or starting a fire in times of drought.

trail marker
Photo: One of many helpful information boards to mark different trails all around the Uppsala area.

Whether you are hiking in summer or cross-country skiing in winter, it is not difficult to find your way. Colorful markers have been placed along almost every trail and there are even footbridges where the ground becomes marshy. In some of the forests small cabins open to the public have been built where it is possible to spend the night. Elsewhere, hand-pumped wells provide fresh water available and there are places provided to grill a hotdog or just to stop and rest.