Museums and Theaters

Mentioned previously was Gustavianum, across from the cathedral, and the castle with its Museum of Art and Wax. However, there are other places to see in Uppsala.

gamla uppsala museum

Gamla Uppsala Museum

Over in Gamla Uppsala there is a museum where you can learn more about the mythology surrounding the royal mounds and the history of the area.

Bror Hjorths Hus

If you enjoyed the statue “Näckens polska” at the train station, you may want to visit Bror Hjorths Hus where about 250 of his works are displayed. Bror Hjorth, who died in 1968, is one of Sweden’s greatest modernist artists.

Photo:  Gamla Uppsala museum.

uppland museumUppland Museum

On the Fyris River, inside a hundred-year-old water mill, is Upplandsmuseet (Uppland Museum), exhibiting folk art from all around Sweden. Its collections give insight into the history of the city from the Middle Ages through to today.



Photo: Uppland Museum is the white building in the foreground.


Pelle Svanslöss

Another well-known figure that made his home in Uppsala was the fictional character of Pelle Svanslöss, the tailless cat who was the hero of 12 books written by Gösta Knutsson. The stories, set in 1930s Uppsala, depict Pelle the good-hearted cat and his struggle to overcome the mean tricks and bullying of evil Måns and his accomplices Bill and Bull. Nowadays children of all ages can visit Pelle’s place near the castle decorated to represent his life.

reginaTheaters and Cinemas

Uppsala boasts two theater houses, Uppsala Stadsteater (City Theater) and Regina Theater, where one can see plays and musicals. Additionally, there are three regular cinemas where you can watch the latest films, Filmstaden (Film city), Spegeln (The Mirror) and Royal, all located centrally. Worth mentioning is Grand, a 1930s cinema, situated across the street from the Regina, which now hosts local concerts and dances.


Photo: The Regina Theater.