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Uppsala Central Station
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The first thing you notice about the train station will undoubtedly be the six-meter high statue called “Näckens polska” by the artist Bror Hjorth. The colorful statue features a young couple dancing among flowers, while Näcken plays his fiddle.

Näcken is a spirit which takes the form of a naked man playing a violin. Much like the Pied Piper, the legend of Näcken is that through his music, he bewitches dancing people, luring them into the water where they will drown. The statue is not without its share of controversy and it is said that the artist was forced to make alterations to the Näcken after complaints that smiling fiddler’s penis was too prominent.

Photo: Näckens polska

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The train station was inaugurated in 1866 by King Karl XV, and since 2005, the station is in the process of being rebuilt to become a travel center, making it easier for travelers to continue their journey by taxi or bus.

Photo: Uppsala central station